UNC event log shows multiple reboots and/or Station Watchdog Timeout messages.


UNC station is frequently rebooting on its own and occasionally reports "Station Watchdog Timeout" in the error log.

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


I/A Series UNC 510 or UNC-520


System Monitor task is causing the UNC to reboot.

Typically this is caused by incorrect information in the drivers.properties file of the UNC.


This issue can be corrected by editing the drivers.properties file in the UNC.

To edit this file,

  1. Log into the UNC using the Admin tool.
  2. Select the Installation tab the select [Edit drivers.properties].  The file will be displayed in the text editor.
  3. Look for a line that reads sysmon.enable=true
    1. If the line is present, edit the line changing so that it reads sysmon.enable=false
    2. If the line is NOT present, add the line sysmon.enable=false at the end of the file.
  4. Select Save from the File menu to save the changes.
  5. Select Close from the File menu to close the editor.

After editing the file, the station must be restarted to allow the change to take effect.