Unable to run Database Initialization. Receive error stating that You must have NT local administrator access....


Unable to run the  Database Initialization application. Receive error stating that "You must have NT local administrator access...". Even after logging in as a local administrator the same error occurs.

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Continuum Cyberstation

Windows Server 2008 Domain


The instances of this that have been reported all seem to be where there has been an upgrade to or new installation of Windows Server 2008 where the system is part of a Domain. It is not entirely understood at this time but something to do with the Domain policies being pushed down to the Workstations is causing problems.  


Until the cause can be properly identified, a workaround that has worked in most cases has been to create/setup a local Administrator account and then run Database Initialization as an Administrator.

  1. Shut down all Cyberstations.
  2. Right-click Database Initialization and select "Run as... Administrator".

With the EUR domain in the UK the following has been found
- XP                 - "Right click" on the "Database Initialization shortcut" and “Run As” use local admin
- Windows 7 - "Shift" & "Right click" on the "Database Initialization shortcut" and “Run as a different user”, use local admin