Anti-virus software detects some TAC Vista files as virus


  • Anti-virus software detects some TAC Vista files as virus
  • TAC.Common.License.Flex.dll and LicenseAdapterDLL.dll are detected as viruses
  • Is there a virus in TAC Vista or the Vista installation files?

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TAC Vista


TAC Vista


It is not uncommon that anti-virus software perceives perfectly clean files as viruses. This is a growing problem as the amount of viruses are continuously growing, and the likeliness that they may share similarities in the code with a Vista file thereby increases.


Although there is a small possibility that the Vista files may be infected by an existing virus on the computer, this is most likely a false positive detection by the anti-virus software.

If the anti-virus software detects a virus, check what symptoms that virus have and if you have experienced any of them.

In most anti-virus software there is a setting to exclude certain files or folder from the scan, which could be used as a workaround if you get repeated alerts (given that you have ensured that there is no virus present at the computer)