Change the network IP address for an IP110 Series camclosure


How do I change the network IP address for an IP110 Series camclosure?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


IP110 Series Camclosure


Configure the camera for static IP address.


To modify the IP address on the IP110 camclosure, first navigate to the cameras web interface with your web browser. After logging in, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Click Settings in the main menu. The IP camera settings menu opens.

2. Click the Network tab.
3. Go to DHCP and select Off to turn off the DHCP.
4. Change the following network settings as required:
     • IP Address: The address of the device connected to the network.
     • Subnet Mask: Determines the network segment packet the IP protocol uses.
     • Gateway: Converts packets from one protocol to another.
     • DNS Server Address: The address of the dedicated server that provides the name for the
      IP network. The server assigns names for Web sites and network resources into numeric IP
5. Click Save to save the new network settings.

NOTE: Contact your network administrator to avoid any network conflicts before changing network