Where can users find more information on Pelco reference RTSP implementations?


Where can users find more information on Pelco reference RTSP implementations?

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Pelco Video Management


Video integration


Live and playback of video requires the RTSP protocol.


The following documents are available:

1. RTSP Server

The RTSP Server allows the viewing and control of both live and playback streams using a standard RTSP client (e.g. VLC , QuickTime , or a custom built client such as Pelco's PelcoAPIViewer). It could also be used to obtain an SDP description for the older Endura cameras and encoders. Tutorials and additional information are available in these documents: RTSP  Server Overview  and RTSP Full Tutorial.

Note: Pelco products that already support RTSP streaming do not require RTSP Server software, though it should be noted that some functionality may somewhat differ.

2. PelcoAPIViewer

Pelco API Viewer is an easy to use Windows based tool for viewing MPEG-4 and H.264 streams from Pelco IP cameras and DVRs / NVRs / NSMs. It provides a Pelco supported player for integrating Pelco devices with 3rd party applications. This player can be configured to work in both RTP and RTSP mode. In RTP mode, the player uses one of several Pelco's APIs to initiate and control streams. While in RTSP mode, the player expects to work with either devices, such as a Sarix IP camera, where RTSP is supported by default; or software solutions like the RTSP Server. For more information reference the documents below:  

Pelco API SDK C++ PDF Documentation
Event Arbiter library & Event Manager API PDF Reference
Exporter API PDF Reference
Meta-data Parser API PDF Reference
Pelco API Viewer API PDF Reference
PTZ Control Wrapper API PDF Reference
System Manager Wrapper API PDF Reference
Pelco API SDK C# PDF Documentation

Note: In order to play RTSP playback streams at different speeds, users must utilize an appropriate video client. Specifically users should refer to either live 555  .