Determine the hard disk drive storage capacity and amount of free disk space available in the DX8100 Series Recorder.


  • How to find out how much hard disk drive storage capacity is available in the DX8100
  • Verify how much storage is available in the DX8100 recorder using DS ControlPoint

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Pelco Video Management


DX8100 Series
DS ControlPoint


To verify it must be done locally.


The DX8100 HVR supports internal hard disk capacities ranging from 250GigaBytes (GB) all the way to 8000GB (8 TeraBytes or TB), as well as up to 24TB externally via the DX8100HDDI RAID5 External Storage Unit.

To find out the amount of hard disk capacity, amount of disk space used by recorded video and amount of free disk space, you must exit to the Microsoft Windows Operating System. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Login to the DVR local console with administrator privileges. The default administrative credential in software version 1.2 and below is Admin/Admin. For 2.0 and above, the default administrative credential is admin/admin. These are case sensitive.
  2. Using the mouse, shutdown recording and exit to Microsoft Windows mode by clicking the "File" menu and choose "Exit"
  3. Select "Exit to Windows mode" from the "What do you want the DX8100 to do?" popup dialog, and click "OK".
  4. The Microsoft Windows user login dialog box appears. The default username of DX8100ADM will already be entered. Input dx8100 (in lowercase) as the password, and click "OK".
  5. Click the Windows "Start" button, and then click "Run".
  6. In the Run / Open dialog, type explorer and click "OK".
  7. Within the new Microsoft Explorer Window, locate and select "My Computer".
  8. In the right-hand pane under the hard disk drives heading, you will find two or more hard disk drives. ignore the operating system drive (C:), you may mouse-over the remaining storage drives to see the free space and total space statistics.

For more information, see the DX8100 Operation/Configuration Manual.

Note: Pelco DVR/HVR Systems Operate using FIFO Protocol (First In, First Out), which means that as time progresses, and new video data is recorded, it makes room for itself by overriding the oldest video on the system. Because of this, once installed and filled to capacity once, the normal status of the hard disk drives in a Pelco DVR is near full or 99.9% at capacity.