How to configure Presets and Park Action of a Spectra or Esprit using the CM6700/CM6800 Matrix Switcher?


How to program presets and park time of a PTZ from the CM6800 Matrix Switcher

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM6800-32X6
  • CM6800E-48X8
  • CM6700
  • KBD300A


Program Preset or Park Action for camera automation response.


Enter the preset 95 menu of the Spectra   (Using the KBD300a keyboard / joystick)

1. Enter the ## number of the camera and press the CAM key.
2. Enter 95 and hold the preset key for 2 seconds.
3. Edit Label (text generation of the matrix, can leave blank) will display on the monitor.
4. Using Joystick, move cursor down to "SET" and move joystick to right.

(This will also set presets, instead of 95 enter the desired preset number)

Presets (To select a menu option, press RIGHT on the joystick)

  1. Once in the Spectra menu enter DOME SETTINGS.
  2. Under MOTION is the park time settings.
  3. Under PRESETS is the option to program camera preset configuration.


Program Park Action / Park Time  (This option will auto run a Preset or Pattern after x amount of time)

  1. Once in the Spectra menu enter DOME SETTINGS.
  2. Select MOTION
  3. Configure a the PARK TIME and PARK ACTION options (example: PARK TIME = 1 minutes and PARK ACTION = Pattern 1).

    Park Action
    This feature will define the activity when the dome parks.

    The following settings are available:
    NONE (default): No action.
    AUTO SCAN: Dome starts auto scan operation.
    FRAME SCAN: Dome starts frame scan operation.
    RANDOM SCAN: Dome starts random scan operation.
    PATTERN 1: Dome runs pattern 1.
    PATTERN 8: Dome runs pattern 8.
    PRESET 1: Dome goes to preset 1.
    PRESET 8: Dome goes to preset 8.
    (Only 27X and 35X models allow PATTERN 2 through PATTERN 8.)