Using The Optional Audio Card on the DX8100?


Does the DX8100 support audio?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8100 Series hybrid video recorder (HVRs)
  • Audio equipment


No audio from the DX8100


The DX8100 does support audio. Click the link below to review more information on recommendations and setup:

DX8100 Audio Setup

In order to record one audio channel per camera input, the following optional accessories are required for the respective systems listed below:

  • DX8108: 1 DX8108-AUD
  • DX8116: 1 DX8116-AUD
  • DX8124: 1 DX8116-AUD and 1 DX8108-AUD
  • DX8132: 2 DX8116-AUD

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