What is the default IP address for Pelco IP cameras?


What is the default IP address for Pelco IP cameras?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Atlas models
    • IP3701, IP110, Spectra Mini IP; Spectra IV IP, TXB-IP
  • Sarix Legacy Series
    • ID, IM, IE, IEE, IX, Spectra IV H264, Spectra HD D5118, Esprit IP, Exsite IP
  • Sarix First Gen
    • IME, IXE, IMP, IXP, IBP, IL10
  • Sarix Next Gen
    • IME+, IXE+, IMP+, IBP+, IBE+, IWP+, IJP+
  • Spectra/Esprit Enhanced, Esprit HD, Spectra Ehanced/Professional/HD
    • D5220, D5230, D6220, D6230, S6220, S6230, P1220
  • IPSXME ExSite Series
    • ES5230
  • Optera IMM Series
    • IMM12018, IMM12027, IMM12036
  • Oncam Evolution Series
    • EVO-05, EVO12


  • Ping command failed to reach the IP camera.
  • Pelco IP camera's Default IP
  • Attempting IP camera network access.
  • There is not a DHCP server on the network


The default IP address for Pelco IP cameras when a DHCP server is not present is with a 24-bit subnet mask (, which puts the device on the subnetwork. If multiple cameras are connected on a network without a DHCP server, each camera will increment its IP address by one. The first camera will assign to IP address, the second camera connected would assign itself, the next one .22, etc. To see these cameras a PC with the same IP scheme will need to be used on the network. For example you can go into the PC that will be used and set its IP to

The Grandeye Oncam EVO 360 series is:



  • If the IP110 has an older software version installed (versions 01.00.0038 and older for IP110 and versions 01.00.0018 for IP3701H), the network will automatically cycle through the IP address range of through, on netmask The first available address located will be assigned to the IP110.
  • With the IME+ firmware v6.2.1.28, the default IP will be 169.254.x.x with subnet