DX8100 IP Camera Compatibility.


What type of IP cameras can be connected to the DX8100.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DX8100 Series


Product Compatibility


The DX8100 supports standard resolutions:

All Pelco Non-Megapixel cameras.

The DX8100 version 2.0 interface is designed to work with Axis standard definition cameras. The interface was written using VAPIX® Application Programming Interface (API) version 2.0 (Firmware 4.xx). Pelco Product Support is limited to the interface. The DX8100 has been tested to work with the Axis Model 211 and 232D network cameras.

For more information on which IP cameras function on the DX8100, click the link below:

DX8100 Pelco IP Camera Compatibility Release Notes

Axis IP Cameras Supported on DX8100