Camera sequence edit for the CM6700-MXB


How do I edit the camera sequence for the CM6700-MXB?

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM6700-MXB


Programming to remove display of undesired cameras.


  1. Enter the Main Menu of matrix. Default password is 2899100 then push ACK button.
  2. From Main Menu, enter MONITORS (option 2). click joystick to right.
  3. From MONITORS #, scroll to monitor number needing to edit sequence for.
  4. Move cursor to CAMERA SEQUENCE (option 1) and enter. click joystick to right.
  5. Move cursor under CAM number column.
  6. Change cam number to 00. This will bypass camera for sequence.

Note: To remove the cameras you do not wish to have in sequence make sure they are set to 00 on the camera number.