How to reset the IP110 series camera to default?


How to reset an IP110 Series Camclosure to factory defaults?

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Pelco Cameras


IP110 Series Camclosure


  • Unable to connect to camera for unknown reason.
  • Re-configure the IP110 camclosure network settings.


There are two ways to reset an IP110 Series Camclosure to factory defaults.

  1. Hardware
    1. Press and hold the reset button. The unit starts cycling through the modes; hold the button for four seconds to access (cycle through) each mode. The unit status indicator flashes the color for the current mode. In this case, the light flashes red when entering the Reset mode.
    2. When the color of the desired mode appears, release the button.

                                                          Click image to maximaize image.

  2. Software
    1. Log in to camera (Default: adminadmin)
    2. Click on Settings menu.
    3. On the General tab is a section labeled Reset to Factory Defaults.
    4. Check in the box Select All.
    5. Click Save.

The camera will now reboot automatically and default IP address is