What are recommended lenses for the IP3701?


What are recommended lenses for the IP3701?

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Recommended lenses


Below are the available lenses including their focal lengths and description.

Note: This is based upon current availability and is subject to change. 

Model Description
13VA1-3 Manual Lens
13VA 2.8-12 Manual Lens
13VA3-8 Manual Lens
13VA5-40 Manual Lens
13VA5-50 Manual Lens
13VD1-3 Auto Iris Lens
13VD2.5-6 Auto Iris Lens
13VD2.8-12 Auto Iris Lens
13VD3-8 Auto Iris Lens
13VD5-40 Auto Iris Lens
13VD5-50 Auto Iris Lens
13VD5.5-82.5 Auto Iris Lens
13ZD6X8 Auto Iris, Zoom Lens
13ZD6X10 Auto Iris, Zoom Lens
13ZD6X15 Auto Iris, Zoom Lens
13ZD6X20 Auto Iris, Zoom Lens
13ZD5.5X30 Auto Iris, Zoom Lens