Spectra IV Analog Firmware Upgrades and Requirements.


  • What is required to upgrade firmware of the Spectra III and Spectra IV analog PTZ camera.
  • Spectra series displays "waiting for download" when nothing is plugged into the service port.

Warning: When updating older versions be sure to contact technical support to verify that the hardware will support the software driver changes.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Analog Spectra III
  • Analog Spectra IV
  • Analog Spectra Mini
  • PA02-0041-5042 Spectra IV Host board assembly
  • NULL Modem Cable
  • Downloader 2


Update of firmware for Spectra III or Spectra IV is recommended by technical support.


Update of the Analog Spectra III/IV series camera requires the following:

  • IPS-CABLE: IPS-Cable
  • Null Modem Cable
  • Downloader 2 program: Downloader 2.2.12 zip file
  • Laptop
  • Handheld Monitor (75ohm bnc input)
  • Latest available Firmware release for Spectra Series from Pelco website.

Update Steps:

  1. Install the "Download II" program on laptop: Downloader 2.2.12 zip file
  2. Install the drivers for the USB convertor from same link provided in Step 1.
  3. Download the following required firmware from the Pelco Download Center: DLCenter link
    * Use the Search title of "Spectra IV Firmware".
    * Download Spectra IV Dome Drive Firmware ver. 2. _ _ _ (latest version)
    * Download Spectra IV Windows Language File ver 2._ _ _ (latest version)
    * Download Spectra IV Fonts for Windows ver 1. _ _ _ (latest version)
  4. IPS Cable connection to Spectra RJ45 port can be viewed here: Null Modem connection.  When the dome drive is plugged back in the video displays waiting for download. If this placard display when there is nothing plugged in, the unit has a problem and may require repair.
  5. Gain PTZ control. PTZ control should be established first prior to attempting upload. See control option pages here.
  6. Once PTZ control is established, Upload the Software (single file at a time) according to C2458M-F. See upload pages here.
  7. Wait until the CONFIGURE DONE message appears before disconnecting the IPS-CABLE.

* A manual reboot of Spectra may be required to fully accept the firmware update.
* Pelco provides no wiring diagram for the IPS-CABLE. Purchase of the IPS-CABLE is highly recommended to establish critical communication line connection during firmware update. Incorrect comm establishment from mis-wiring may result in product failure and require a factory repair.


Click here for IPS Cable/Downloader II App manual C2458M-F