What are the settings required for using KBD300A Universal Keyboard with the CM9760-CXTA Coaxitron Translator?


Interfacing the KBD300A Universal Keyboard with the CM9760-CXTA Coaxitron Translator.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9760-CXTA Coaxitron Translator
  • KBD300A Universal Keyboard


The KBD300A Universal Keyboard is required in direct mode to control cameras using Coaxitron.


The *KBD300A Universal Keyboard (Rev 5.0 or higher) must be configured for D protocol when connecting to the CM9760-CXTA Coaxitron Translator. In D protocol mode, the parity of the KBD300A will be set as "NONE" which is required for communication between the two devices.

*Requires KBDKIT Keyboard Kit
*View Lessons Learned Article LL#8793 for connections of the KBD300A Universal Keyboard to the CM9760-CXTA coaxitron translator.