Spectra IV firmware version 2.11 enhancements.


Spectra IV firmware version 2.11 enhancements.

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Spectra IV firmware 2.11


Spectra IV firmware version 2.11 is available on the pelco.com website. This version was produced for
the purpose of introducing the new N series camera in the 35X series of Spectra IV.

The firmware also includes performance enhancements to several areas of the product. These

  1. Increased color saturation in the video, available by turning Enhanced mode 2 to “ON”.
  2. Improvements to the trace curve to help prevent out of focus while zooming.
  3. Addressed alarm reporting issues.
  4. Locks the focus while someone is panning and/or tilting the camera.
  5. Improvements to low light focus.
  6. Image enhancement was added for increased sharpness.
  7. Better overall focus throughout the whole image instead of just the center.
  8. Added a DSS mode with auto focus “ON” to reduce blur when navigating from TELE to WIDE.

If a customer is experiencing issues that include any of the above items please have the customer
update to firmware version 2.11 from the Pelco Software Downloads Site via pelco.com.