How do I setup and control a PTZ camera on the DX8000 series digital video recorder?


The new PTZ camera connected to the DX8000 will not move.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8000 Series
  • PTZ camera


Control PTZ camera from local server (DX8000)


The User must first login to the DX8100 using a user account with PTZ control rights or as a Power user/admin user to make configuration changes.
To login:
  1. Click File and select User Login
  2. Enter a user account that has PTZ rights or a power user /admin account to enter the system setup.


Follow the following steps below to set up a PTZ camera:
  1. On the DX8000 toolbar, click . The Setup dialog opens to the Camera page.
  2. In the Camera Properties section, do the following:
    1. Select a camera from the drop-down box. (You can also select a camera from the Site tree by clicking on it).
    2. Select the Disable check box if you want to disable the camera.
    3. Enter an optional new name for the camera. Camera names can be up to 32 characters long and can include spaces and special characters.
    4. Set camera security level. Available security levels are as follows:
      None: Camera can be viewed by all users.
      Low: Camera can be viewed by all users except the Guest account.
      Medium: Camera can be viewed by users with Standard User access and higher.
      High: Camera can be viewed by users with Power User access and higher.
    5. In the Protocol drop-down box, select the appropriate PTZ protocol for the camera, or select No PTZ if the selected camera does not support PTZ functions. Some of the supported protocol options are as follows:
      • NO PTZ: Disables all PTZ functions for the current camera
      • PELCO-C: Coaxitron
      • PELCO-D: Pelco proprietary
      • PELCO-P: Pelco proprietary
      • SAMSUNG (V2.0)
      • VICON
      • KALATEL
  3. You must configure one of the RS-422/RS-485 PTZ ports for Spectra for Coaxitron to function. For more information, refer to: Setting up RS-422/RS-485 Communication Port Properties on page 150. NOTE: May require a reboot.
Once the PTZ settings have been correctly configured, users can move the mouse over the center of the view and a set of cross hairs will appear. Click and drag to move the camera. Users also have the option of using the on screen controls on the right side of the display.