Perform an operating system (OS) recovery on a DigitalSentry system.


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  • How do I perform an operating system (OS) recovery on a DigitalSentry system?
  • DigitalSentry prevent system from loading into Windows.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS RealVue Xpress
  • DSXPress
  • DS1000
  • DS NVR


Software corruption.


Note: before running a recovery have a database backup if you are going to restore original settings.

To perform a recovery system restore, follow the below instructions:

1. Locate the DS Recovery disc

2. When the system is on, place the recovery disc in the CD/DVD optical drive

3. Reboot the DVR

4. A recovery menu will appear with the following options (after POST Boot):

    1) Exit and Reboot

    2) System Partition Restore (saves all video data)

    3) Complete Restore (all video will be lost)

5. Choose the appropriate option for the situation

6. The system will run the Symantec Ghost process

7. Once completed, a prompt will appear stating to remove the recovery disk and reboot the system

Note: DSSRV usb recovery is not supported on Non DSSRV units due to UEFI not being supported on legacy DigitalSentry units and appropriate drivers not being available for the legacy DigitalSentry hardware..