How do I add or update the IP camera license for a Digital Sentry recorder?


  • The Trial license has expired.
  • Adding more IP cameras on a Digital Sentry system.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • DS


  • Adding additonal IP cameras and IP Camera License is maxed out.
  • Wanting to update/upgrade IP Camera Licenses.


To renew an IP Camera license for the Digital Sentry system

  1. Pelco Sales will have to be contacted to generate a new IP camera license. (1-800-289-9100 EXT 27023) 

    Internet access is NOT required to apply the license.
  2. Provide Product ID and How many IP camera license are needed
    • Once the new IP camera  license is made available preceded with step 3
  3.  Go to Start All ProgramsPelco choose License Key Entry
  4.  An application box will appear showing the Product ID and License Key

  5. Place the new license key in the License Key text field. Notice the Green check box on the right. If the license key was entered correctly, the check box will stay green. If entered incorrectly, the box will turn red.  If the box is red, it might be caused by a transposed or wrong character.  (i.e.- the number 5 instead of the letter S).  Verify each character and re-enter the license key.

    Note: If there is already a license key entered, clear/backspace out the old license key and then enter the new license.
  6.  Click OK
  7. Restart the DigitalSENTRY Video Server Service to refresh the database.