What is the procedure to update the NSM5200 network video recorder series using Pelco Utilities?


What is the procedure to update the NSM5200 network video recorder series using Pelco Utilities?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura NSM5200- All versions


NSM5200 is running an older version of software and needs to be updated.


Follow the instructions provided to update the NSM5200.

  1. Launch Pelco Utilities, log in and press Search.
    note:  The default login credentials uses the standard Endura Credentials used for WS5XXX and VCD5200. The default login in that case is [Username: admin and Password: admin].
  2. Select Software Packages tab
  3. Click Add and browse for the update package
  4. Select the System Attributes tab then click on NSM5200 from the listt on the left.  (Please note that only the NSM5200 manager may be updated, it will then push the update to the members. See the below technical characteristics list for more information.)
  5. Right-click the appropriate NSM5200 Manager of the pool, select "Device Macros" and click "Update". A message will appear indicating that the device has updated successfully.


When updating a storage pool, note the following important technical characteristics:

  1. The NSM5200 Manager will push the update package to each NSM5200 Member until all the Members are updated successfully.
  2. The NSM5200 Manager is the last unit to update itself. Therefore, it may appear like nothing is happening.
  3. The entire update time for each unit is approximately 15 minutes, from initial update to restarting all services. Therefore, 4 NSMs in one storage will take roughly 1 hour. Be patient.
  4. To determine which NSM5200 Member is being updated, send a continuous ping to all the NSM5200 Members. After each update, the unit will reboot and a "Request Timeout" message will be displayed.
  5. When the NSM5200 Manager is updated and goes down to reboot, one of the NSM5200 Members will become the new NSM5200 Manager. Therefore, don't be alarmed that the NSM5200 Manager has changed.
  6. After all the units in the storage pool have updated successfully, verify recording and playback functionality.