When should I use Reset security and/or Reset sync in Endura Utilities?


When should I use "Reset security" and/or "Reset sync" in Endura Utilities?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura Utilities- All versions
  • Endura devices- All versions


Information regarding the usage of reset security and reset sync is needed.


It is necessary to Reset security and/or Reset Sync if a device is moved to a different Endura system, a new SM5000 is installed or if the SM5000 was dramatically changed such as a re-image. Please note that if an SM5000 backup is properly restored it will not be necessary.

Endura Utilities displays four columns relating to a devices current security and sync state (Registered, SM Registered, Synced and SM Synced). All four columns should display Yes. If any one of these columns displays No, then it will be necessary to run either Reset Sync or Reset Security. i.e. If the SM Registered and/or Registered columns display No then it would be necessary to run Reset Security.

Please see What is the standard procedure to perform reset security and reset sync using Endura Utilities?