Does the DX8100 support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)?


Does the DX8100 support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DX8100 Series hybrid video recorder (HVRs)


Use SNMP protocol to monitor the attached DX8100 health conditions.


Any SNMP monitoring software can be used to monitor DX8100 system health events. This section describes the guidelines for implementing

DX8100 and SNMP monitoring software communication.


– Supported versions: SNMPv1 and SNMPv2

– SNMP community string: pelco

NMS: Although the version 1.2 WinXP firewall is opened to allow incoming SNMP requests on port 161/udp, third-party network

management stations (NMS) are not able to query a DX8100 running IPSec.

To enable a NMS to query the DX8100, select one of the following options:

IPSec on: Run IPSec on the NMS (with the same passphrase, authentication, and encryption settings) performing SNMP polling.

IPSec off: Turn IPSec off on the DX8100.

Ping echoes are enabled through the WinXP firewall, so that a third-party network management station can autodiscover DX8100s (standard


NOTE: Windows 2000 does not include a built-in firewall.