What is the NET5301-TC transcoder?


What is the NET5301-TC transcoder?

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Endura NET5301-TC- All versions


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The NET5301-TC transcoder converts MPEG-4 video from the Endura® network into formats that are compatible with public networks with limited bandwidth, such as a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), or the Internet. Endura technology provides high quality digital images that often exceed the bandwidth capabilities of public networks. When this occurs, the NET5301-TC converts MPEG-4 video from the Endura network into MPEG-4 or JPEG formats that are suitable for the public network.


  • Converts Video from an Endura® System to Smaller Formats for Increased Compatibility with Public Networks
  • Works with GW5000 Gateway
  • Converts Encoded Endura System Video Streams to MPEG-4 or JPEG Formats
  • Accepts Encoded Video from any Endura Video Source (i.e., Encoders, IP Cameras, etc.)