How to enable the wiper of an Esprit


How do I trigger the wiper for my Esprit?

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Pelco Cameras


  • ES31 Series Esprit
  • ES41 Series Esprit
  • ES40-ES41E Series Esprit
  • Esprit HD
  • KBD300A


Commands to trigger wiper function of Esprit


Momentary mode: To operate the wiper one full cycle, press the AUX 1 (ON) button or sequence of buttons to activate AUX 1 on your controller. Each subsequent press of the button operates the wiper one full cycle, even if AUX 1 button is latching. If AUX 1 is latching, the first press will activate the wiper (open the latch). Pressing AUX 1 a second time closes the latch, but will not cycle the wiper. Press the AUX 1 (ON) key again to cycle the wiper.

Continuous mode: To operate the wiper press the AUX 1 button on your controller. The wiper will continue to operate until the AUX 1 button is press again or until the programmed cycle is complete.

NOTE: (CM9740 and CM9760 matrix systems only) For the wiper to operate in continuous mode, the AUX 1 function in the camera file must be set to latching. If the AUX 1 camera file is not latching, the wiper will only operate in momentary mode, even if the Esprit wiper is programmed for continuous operation. Refer to the operation manual supplied with the CM9740 or CM9760 matrix system for instructions.

The ES41 Esprit Series wiper does not only trigger by Aux command, but additionally features the programming option to trigger by a Preset 1 command. The ES41 Esprit Series offers a "Create Action Preset" option. This option moves the triggering of the wiper from Aux command to a defined Preset command.

  1. Access to Esprit 95 Preset Menu is required. Enter is referenced as IRIS OPEN from a control system.
  2. Enter (SETTINGS)
  3. Enter (PRESETS)
  5. For action preset, program as "ACTIVATE AUX" (which is aux 1) that is required to trigger the Esprit wiper.
  6. Depending on the Aux configuration, the Preset 1 command may be required to be sent again (Preset 1) to STOP the wiper action.

Available AUX (WIPER MODE) options for the ES41 are as follows:

  • DWELL TIME (SECONDS) The time between wiper cycles. From 2 to 255 seconds
  • WIPER TIME (MINUTES) The length of the wiper cycle. Wiper time can be configured form 2 to 1,440 minutes (2 minutes to 24 hours)