Component part numbers for the Spectra HD 720p IP camera


What are the component model numbers for the Spectra HD 720p?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • S5118 HD 
  • D5118
  • 720p


Components required to change a Spectra HD (D5118) from a in-ceiling to a pendant or vise versa. 


System Model numbers for the Spectra HD are structured for assembly of 3 components that create an all in one package of Back Box (housing), Lower Dome, and Dome Drive (camera). The System model numbers then breakdown to individual component models so that any part may be ordered separate for a field replacement or swap.

Example of a System Model Number: S5118-FW0 consists of B5-F, D5118, LDHQF-0. If the camera is required to be moved to an outdoor pendant installation, install the B5-PG-E with LDHQPB-0 (smoked) lower dome. The D5118 camera is the same model for any housing with matching lower dome. Reference component model number chart below to ensure back box mates with proper lower dome.