Spectra IV IP and Spectra Mini IP audio


Spectra IV IP and Spectra Mini IP audio

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • SD4E models
  • SD4N models


Audio Support For Spectra IP


The IP module does not have any amplification and must be used with a preamp for the microphone and an amplifier for the speaker.

A PC computer can be used as the amplifier and preamp through the use of speakers and/or a microphone if the PC computer is equipped to do so. Most PC computers have audio out, and microphone in as standard connections.

The impedance match for the line in (microphone) and for the line out (speaker) is 600 ohms.

The wiring length and the wiring type will be determined by the manufacturer of a separate amplifier and/or microphone preamp. This is not a Pelco item and is dependent on the equipment manufacturer. Please see manufacturer documentation of the equipment to verify all wiring types and length.

Pelco has found that good filtered amplifiers and powers supplies help to compensate for noise such as AC hum.

The updated IP manual demonstrates how to set up the audio in the web browser. On the web browser, audio is used as a 2-way feed that allows the user to listen and to talk. On an Endura Unit the listen feature is only available at this time.

source: TT090724SP