Spectra IV one-push color balancing.


Spectra IV one-push color balancing.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra IV (analog series)


Balance white color within scene


The Spectra IV series camera includes a one-push color balancing feature that is useful for specific types of lighting which allows the Spectra IV to balance and lock the color balance mode. This feature is useful for specific types of lighting such as those used in a mall or casino environment. The feature is only useful if the viewing area utilizes lighting that does not change.

To set the one-push color balancing, perform the actions below:

  1. Place the camera in T1 mode and set the auto white balance to “ON”. Set the viewing area to represent the area that will be viewed most.
  2. Zoom-in to a solid white background such as a piece of paper or similar.
  3. Allow the Spectra IV to color balance to the white for about 45-60 seconds.
  4. While the camera is viewing the white background, enter the menu and turn the white balance to "OFF”.
  5. The numbers on the white balance will change from 255 for red and 255 for blue to another set of numbers.
  6. Leave the white balance set to “OFF” and pan the camera to other areas within the scene. This action should display good white balance for an indoor lighting area where the lighting stays constant.

    NOTE: One-push color balancing will not work in environments that use fluorescent lighting in the daytime and sodium lighting at night. The lighting within the scene must remain constant for this feature to work properly.