Using for DX4104 web address


How to change the IP address to a domain name for DDNS on the DX4104 using NO-IP.COM.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


DX4104 Series


Connect to DX4104 Server using the DDNS name.



To change the IP address to a domain name as described in the operation/configuration manual, follow the instructions below. If the DVR is installed in a network that has a firewall, port 8245 has to be opened to allow DDNS data to get through the firewall. For information about setting up the firewall, refer to your network administrator or network service provider.

  1. Go to and create an account.
  2. Under the Hosts / Redirects panel, select Add.
  3. Select a name for Hostname.
  4. Under Host Type, choose the option DNS Host (A).
  5. Under IP Address, insert current IP Address of the DX4104 Server.
  6. Click the Create Host button.
  7. Go Back to DX4104 Server and the DX4104 Setup Menu.
  8. Go to Network.
  9. Go to DDNS.
  10. When in the DDNS page, enter the username and password log on from
    Note: Username is in the form of email address.
  11. Click Exit. A prompt will appear stating to save changes, click Yes.
  12. Wait approximately 2 minutes for DDNS to update the address.
  13. On the client PC, go to your internet browser and connect using the DDNS name.
  14. If the user is not behind a firewall and is directly connected to the internet, they should be able to connect to the server.