How do I manually set a Static IP Address on my Spectra IV IP?


Manually configure the IP Address on Spectra IV IP.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra IV IP


DHCP server not available.


1. Open a web browser to enter the Spectra IV IP menu.

2. In the upper right corner select login.

3. Login into the camera using the User name and Password admin/admin.

4. Setting the IP Address Manually from the NETWORK TAB is as follows:

   a)  Go to DHCP and select Off to turn off the DHCP.

   b)  Change the following network settings as required:

IP Address: Address of the device connected to the network.
Subnet Mask:  Determines the network segment the IP protocol uses.
Gateway: Associated with both a router and a switch. The router determines 
where packets are sent, and the switch provides the path for the packet in and
out of the gateway.
DNS Server: The address of the dedicated server that translates the names for the Web
sites and hostnames into numeric IP addresses.
5. Click Save to save the new settings. Click Reset to revert to the previously saved settings.