How many refills are available when using the EH8000RKIT?


Pressurize the Spectra 4 Pressurized, EH8104, or the EH8106 using the EH8000RKIT.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • EH8100 Pressurized Enclosure
  • Spectra Pressurized Enclosure
  • EH8000RKIT


Refill cameras or enclosures using the EH8000RKIT.


The following figures are estimates based upon testing that has been performed. There are other
variables that should be considered when estimating the exact amount of refills. These variables
include, but are not limited to, temperature, whether the unit needs to be purged, and what procedure
is used. In addition to the size and type of camera or enclosure that is being refilled.

The amount of refills for the EH8106, based upon following the procedure in the manual, should be
approximately 2-4 refills. The EH8104 should be approximately 3-5 refills.

The amount of refills for the Pressurized Spectra is about 2-4 refills based on testing. Again, this is
based upon not purging the unit.

Purging is necessary if the unit has had the seal broken and/or the seal has been taken apart. To get
more refills from the EH8000RKIT, follow this procedure for the EH8100 series:
     1. Fill the unit first, then purge for 5 seconds.
     2. Refill the unit and then purge for 5 seconds.
     3. Continue steps 1 and 2, until the humidity detector on the unit shows the correct humidity level.

To refill the Pressurized Spectra follow the instructions in the manual.

NOTE: The Pressurized Spectra is purged by the valve pressure releasing excess gas into the
atmosphere. The purging lasts for 5 minutes. Therefore, the more units purged, less units will be
able to be re)filled per kit.

EH8100; Fill the unit with dry Nitrogen (95% Nitrogen, 5% Hydrogen) 11-12PSI.  DO NOT exceed 12PSI.

Spectra IV Pressurized: Pressurized to 8PSIG (55kPa).


FYI shelf life of EH8000RKIT) The shelf life of the EH8000RKIT is 5 years after this it will need to be disposed of.