What is NTCIP as in the TXB-NTCIP?


What is NTCIP as in the TXB-NTCIP?

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Pelco Transmission & Power


TXB-NTCIP Translator board


Description of the TXB-NTCIP board


NTCIP stands for National Transportation Communication for ITS Protocol. ITS stands for Intelligent Transportation System. This is a protocol to standardize how different traffic systems communicate to each other and to device such as traffic lights, alerts and cameras that are connected to it. Learn more about TXB Series.

The TXB-NTCIP translator board allows controllers that use NTCIP Protocol to communicate with Pelco's Esprit and Spectra III/Spectra IV systems. Once installed, the Esprit or Spectra III/Spectra IV system receives NTCIP commands form the controller and converts them into Pelco's D protocol.

Critical Interface Notes:

  • The TXB-NTCIP operates only at 9600 baud rate.
  • Converts NTCIP to Pelco D protocol.
  • The TXB-NTCIP manual may be viewed here: TXB-NTCIP
  • NOTE: Posted I/O manuals are subject to change without notice. Please view pelco.com for latest manual release.