Spectra options for mounting the IWM-GY, IWM24-GY to a Pole or Corner.


What accessories are available to mount an IWM-GY, IWM24-GY to a Pole or Corner?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • IWM-GY
  • IWM24-GY
  • PA402
  • CM400


Pendant Dome installation requires mounting of Spectra Pendant, DF8-PG, DF5-PG to Pole or Outward Corner


For mounting the IWM-GY to a Round pole, the PA402 Pole Adapter is recommended.

For mounting the IWM-GY to an Outside Corner, the CM400 Corner Mount is recommended.

The PA402 and CM400 also work for the IWM24-GY mount.