What does green, purple or blue hues on a C10 camera mean?


What does green, purple or blue hues on a C10 camera mean?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • C10CH Series
  • C10DN Series


When using C10 Series cameras, users may experience green, purple or blue hues in the scene due to the lighting conditions of the scene. This is seen mostly with fluorescent lights.


This effect can be adjusted out, in most cases, by turning on the Flickerless mode and manually adjusting the white balance.

  1. Place a white piece of paper in front of the camera. You can also use white paper with black ink. No other colors should be present to create the necessary contrast for the camera.
  2. Select White Balance in the Function Settings menu
  3. Select Auto. This calibrates it to the white paper.
  4. Change White Balance from Auto to Manual. This locks in the white balance into memory. NOTE: If you change white balance from manual to a different mode, this erases the settings.
  5. Select Exit to get out of the menu.
  6. You can then save this in the custom settings so that if the camera loses power it will not lose this setting.

The Flickerless mode is used to offset the timing of the shutter. Flickerless mode will change the cycles to 100 for NTSC or 120 for PAL.

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