How do I setup the Endura NSM5200 Network Video Recorder to send SNMP traps?


The NSM5200 needs to send SNMP traps to a 3rd party software.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • NSM5200 All Models version 2.3.1 and newer
  • SNMP v2c


Built-in diagnostic monitoring is required to provide preventative maintenance and SNMP monitoring.



Solution Overview
Verifying or updating the NSM5200.
Configure NSM5200 SNMP Trap Manager.
NSM5200 MIBs installation.
NSM5200 SNMP Traps.

Verifying or updating the NSM5200

  • Verify the NSM5200 is version 2.3.1 or higher by logging into the NSM5200 web interface. The version will be listed on the upper right directly beneath the logout button.
  • If the NSM5200 is not version 2.3.1 or higher, update the unit using LL#11871. The latest software update can be found on the NSM5200 products page.

Configure SNMP Trap Manager

The procedure below can be used to configure an Endura NSM5200 to send SNMP traps. For additional details, please refer to the Endura NSM5200 Series Web Configuration Manual C4603M.

  1. Navigate to the web interface of the NSM5200 Manager.
  2. Logon to the NSM5200 Manager. For version 2.3.1 the default password is admin. For version 2.3.3 or higher the default username and password are [admin / admin].
  3. Click on the NSM Settings icon.
  4. Type in the IP address of the SNMP trap manager in the field shown below.  If this is unknown contact the network administrator.
  5. Click Save. The NSM5200 will begin to send SNMP traps to the trap manager specified in Step 4.


NSM5200 MIBs installation

  • NSM5200 MIB v1.1 can be obtained HERE.
  • Refer to the documentation for the software you are using in order to upload the MIBs. Certain products such as SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor have the NSM5200 MIBs already included in their installation package.

NSM5200 SNMP Traps

  • The NSM5200 SNMP manual can be downloaded from HEREThis documentation will serve as a reference for the OID tree structure of Pelco NSM devices. It is assumed that readers are already familiar with SNMP concepts.
  • The community string that must be used is pelco.