How do I configure a new Endura NSM5200 to an existing storage pool?


How do I configure a new Endura NSM5200 to an existing storage pool?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


NSM5200, all versions


When expanding an existing NSM5200 storage pool with an additional NSM5200 member, follow this procedure.


To configure a NSM5200 as a storage pool member, follow the steps provided below when logging onto the Web Interface of the NSM5200:

1. Select Member as the Unit Role.
2. Type a user-friendly name in the Unit Name box.

1. Select DHCP or Static.

  • DHCP: Select DHCP if you want the network to automatically assign an IP address to the NSM5200. Go to Pool Settings to continue the Pool Member configuration.
  • Static: Select Static if you want to assign IP settings manually. Additionally, you will need to assign a unique IP Address for the NSM5200, Subnet Mask, and Gateway Address.
    • NOTES:
      • If you change an IP address manually and click the Save button, the “Restarting Services, Please Wait...” message appears momentarily, and then a Reboot NSM dialog box appears. After reviewing the reboot information, click OK to close the dialog box.
      •  Members of a pool should reside on the same network subnet as the pool master and failover IP address. If you are using DHCP, ensure that the failover IP address is outside the DHCP address range.

1. Type the failover static IP address, or the domain name that was configured on the Pool Manager in the Manager Address box.

2. Type the key that is generated on the manager unit in the Manager Key box, and then click Validate Key to verify that the key was entered

correctly. If correct, the Pool Name entered on the Manager unit is displayed.
The Pool Name is assigned through the Pool Manager.
To remove a member from the pool, click the Remove From Pool button. The Remove From Pool button is unavailable if there are no members connected to the pool.
3. Click Save to retain the settings.