Can an ExSite series camera be inverted?


Can an ExSite series camera be inverted?

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Pelco Cameras


ExSite Series camera


The position of the camera requires invert. By default the Unit Inversion is set to OFF.


Yes. If the unit is placed in a inverted position there is a way to reconfigure the camera orientation.  In the main menu underneath LANGUAGE, you will see UNIT INVERSION.

To reconfigure the unit for inverted operation and control: 

  1. Use the joystick to position the cursor beside UNIT INVERSION.
  2. Press Iris Open.
  3. The cursor moves to the right. Move the joystick up or down to view selections.
  4. Press Iris Open to enter selection.
  5. The system will start a configuration sequence.  When configuration is completed, the camera will be oriented in the correct position for the installation.