What is a group of pictures (GOP) structure?


What is a group of pictures (GOP) structure?

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The group of pictures (GOP) structure is the sequence in which frames are placed within a video stream. The GOP structure always includes
intra-coded frames (I-frames) and predictive coded frames (P-frames), but it can also include bi-directionally predictive coded frames (B-frames).

Each GOP structure starts with an I-frame: an image of the complete scene that is used as the reference frame in the structure. P-frames record
data changes that are different than the previous frame. This allows the video encoder to save space since the data of the I-frame is not
duplicated. B-frames not only capture data changes from the previous frame, but they also capture the data changes from the frame after the
B-frame. B-frames are more compressed than P-frames and require more processing power to be decoded.

Pelco cameras can be configured to use one of the following GOP structures:

  • IP: A compression that uses only I-frames and P-frames to provide low latency and a high level of decoder support. This GOP structure is compatible with more recorders and decoders than IBBrBP.
  • IBBrBP: The most sophisticated H.264 compression available. IBBrBP provides the highest quality image at a given bit rate, but it also increases the latency of the video and requires more processing power for decoders.

The Video Management System software must have delevolped drivers that integrate with this feature.  The web browser does not support this feature.