How to move to a pattern or preset with the Spectra III SE or Spectra IV series after a certain amount of time?


  • Set Park Action to a pattern or auto scan on the Spectra III SE or a Spectra IV series
  • After three minutes the camera will move to a home location or follow a pattern.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra III SE (DD53C22 & DD53C22-X)
  • Spectra IV


Require the Spectra dome to run a programmed pattern or auto scan after a desired time of inactivity.


The Spectra III SE series domes have the capability to do a park action to start a pattern, or can be made to auto scan.

  1. Access the Spectra dome main menu. Refer to article "Access Spectra Main Menu"
  2. Position the cursor beside DOME SETTINGS and press Iris Open.
  3. Position the cursor beside MOTION and press Iris Open.
  4. Position the cursor beside PARK TIME (MINUTES) and PARK ACTION
    Note: Park time can be programmed from 1 minute to 720 minutes (12 hours). Set to zero will disable the feature.
  5. Change Park Action to the desired pattern or auto scan.
  6. Position the cursor beside EXIT and press Iris Open.