On the KBD5000 how do I calibrate the unit or identify/update the software version?


On the KBD5000 how do I calibrate the unit or identify/update the software version?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura KBD5000- All versions


  • Keyboard is not calibrated properly.
  • Need to determine software version on the keyboard.
  • Need to update the software on the keyboard.


To identify and/or update the software version on the KBD5000, download the KBD5000 Calibrate & Software Update here, then follow the "Update and Calibrate Setup Instructions" document contained in the downloaded package.  For quick reference the instructions are listed below.

Update/Calibration Setup Instructions

To Update:

  1. Run "Calibrate and Update.exe"
  2. Plug in your joystick and connect the USB cable to your computer
  3. Windows will automatically detect your USB device.  Once this is done, move on to Step 4.
  4. Click the Update button
  5. Select Joystick from the dropdown menu, and browse to "JOYSTICK_01_25.bin"
  6. Click the Update button below the file selection box
    --NOTE-- If you are trying to 'update' to an older version, you will need to first select the Force Load checkbox
  7. If the update succeeds, click the Done button. If it does not, try again.  Once the update correctly loads the new Firmware, click Done.

To Calibrate: (you must have your Joystick upgraded to v. 01.25 or greater)

  1. If you're not already in the Calibration utility, please run "Calibrate and Update.exe"
  2. Without touching the joystick, click the Calibrate button on the main window.
  3. Proceed to move the Joystick to all 6 of the following maximums.
    All the way:
    • Left
    • Right
    • Up
    • Down
    • Zoom Out (Twist Left)
    • Zoom In  (Twist Right)
      --NOTE-- Depending on the default calibration, you may not see all lights turn green.  This is not important so long as the Joystick is still moved to its maximum in all directions.  It will still recalibrate properly.
  4. Once this has been done, click the red "Done" button.
  5. You should see a message box popup letting you know that the calibration completed successfully.  If you receive an error, retry the calibration from the beginning.