What PTZ Protocols are supported by the DX8100 HVR (Hybrid Video Recorder)?


What protocol do I use with a Spectra IV camera on a DX8100 HVR (Hybrid Video Recorder)?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • DX8100 HVR
  • SPECTRA Series
  • ESPRIT Series


PTZ protocol options for DX8100 HVR.


Below are the supported PTZ protocols for the DX8100 series:

  • No PTZ: Disables all PTZ functions for the current camera
  • Pelco-C (Spectra Series): Coaxitron
  • Pelco-D (Spectra Series): Pelco engineered
  • Pelco-D (Spectra Series): Pelco engineered
  • SAMSUNG ™ (V2.0)
  • VICON ®
  • (GE) KALATEL ™
  • Honeywell™ (HSD251)
  • American Dynamics ™
  • Phillips ® (TC8560, TC700 Series)
  • LG ® (v1.0)


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