What IP cameras are compatible with the Genetec System.


Is the IS Camclosure Series compatible with the Genetec System?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Genetec
  • IP110
  • IP3701
  • Spectra IV IP
  • Spectra HD
  • Spectra IV IP H.264
  • Spectra Mini IP
  • Sarix Cameras (Click Here to view Omnicast Supported Hardware)


IP Camera compatibility with Genetec system.


IS Camclosure Series includes analog cameras and are not compatible with a Genetec System. For a list of compatible IP-based cameras, please visit Pelco's Partners First web page.

Note: Using Genetec video encoders, it may be possible to integrate IS Camclosures into a Genetec System . Please contact Genetec for details.