How to configure a Park Time Action on a Spectra IV PTZ using CM9500 Series Matrix?


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Park time is not enabled.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • Spectra IV Series Dome Camera all versions
  • CM9500 Series Matrix extend coaxitron versions


Park time, park position is desired.


Note: The Spectra IV menu can only be  accessed using extended coaxitron control from the CM9500 Series Matrix.

  1. To access the domes menu screen, enter the number of the spectra and press the CAM key. The main menu appears.
  2. Highlight SETUP in the main menu and press the SELECT key.
  3. Highlight CAM  in the setup menu and press the SELECT key.
  4. Enter 95 and press the F1 key. The main menu appears from the dome.
  5. Enter settings by selecting iris open.
  6. Go to MOTION, select iris open.
  7. Go to PARK TIME, select iris open to move cursor to set the time; move keyboard joystick up or down to select number for the park time.  Park time can be programmed from 1 minute to 720 minutes (12 hours), or set to zero, which disables this feature. Default setting is zero. 
  8. Set PARK TIME action - this can be set to either an existing pattern or preset. After the alloted PARK TIME set the camera will return to the PARK TIME action.