What is the Endura NSM5200 Series network video recorder?


What is the Endura NSM5200 Series network video recorder?

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The NSM5200 Series delivers industry leading performance and innovation for mission-critical storage needs. The combination of high performance, scalable hardware design and advanced software capabilities enables the NSM5200 to meet the unique storage needs of physical security and video surveillance applications.
  • Fully Compatible with Endura®
  • Recording Throughput up to 250 Mbps Meets Demanding Performance Requirements for Real-Time Video, Audio, and Data Applications
  • Hardware Designed to Eliminate Single Points of Failure, Including Redundant Fans, Power Supplies, and RAID 6 Storage for Optimum Reliability
  • Pooled Storage Management Provides Automatic Distributed Load Balancing and N+N Failover Across a Storage Pool to Ensure Continued Recording If Catastrophic Failure Occurs
  • Built-in EnduraStor™ Storage Management Increases Storage Efficiency by Grooming Video from Pelco Video Encoders and IP Cameras Based on Age and Priority
  • Capable of up to 32 Simultaneous Video/Audio Playback Streams
  • Performance Levels Maintained in Normal and RAID Error Conditions
  • Built-in Diagnostic Monitoring Provides Preventative Maintenance and SNMP Monitoring
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership and Increased Energy Efficiency Through Consolidation of Multiple Hardware Components into a Fully Integrated Chassis