What is the EnduraStor feature on Endura network video recorders?


NSM5200 retention requirements exceed normal expectations.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • WS5000 Management Software
  • NSM5200


EndurStor will provide a software solution to increase NSM5200 retention.


EnduraStor™ Storage Management increases storage efficiency by grooming video from Pelco video encoders and IP cameras based on age and priority.

How does EnduraStor work?

When video is captured, key information data frames are stored at specific intervals. These frames key frames are called I frames. P frames are predictive frames existing between I frames that predict subject movement, color changes, and other data to produce the number of total desired frames per second. The predicted data is calculated off the previous frame regardless if its an I or P frame.

Endura Enabled DVRs, such as the DVR5100, record I and P frame separately, essentially branching the recorded data. When the DVR storage capacity reaches 97% the unique EnduraStor algorithm then starts a process of pruning, or deleting, P frames. Pruning allows older video to be stored in a lower frame rate (2fps) at the same 4CIF resolution. This frame reduction can save up to 75% storage space while still allowing older video to be viewed

A pruning delay value states how long video data is kept at its original frame rate before it can be pruned. The default pruning delay is 72 (hours), but is user changeable.

The priority of stored data can be changed or locked to delay pruning. Locked data is exempt from being changed. The current priority values are High, Medium, Low, and Locked.

EnduraStor will continue working on low priority data continuing on through high priority data until storage capacity is at a value less than 97% used.

If storage continues to exceed the minimum free space after removing P frames, I frame data older than a specified time will be removed. The default time for removal is 72 hours.