Where can I find more info on AVE ATM/POS?


Where can I find more info on AVE ATM/POS?

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Information about integrating American Video Equipment (AVE) and DX4700/DX4800 Series


From AVE’s web site, www.Americanvideoequipment.com . For our international customers, they do have offices in the UK and Thailand. We are seeing quite a shift from “serial based” AVE-type interfaces to API based software ones. Please see Appendix E below for further information.



ATM/POS Integration to DX4700/DX4800 Series can ultimately be accomplished in either of two ways:

1. Integration of serial-pass through equipment from American Video Equipment. This allows DX4700/DX4800 to record text overlays to the video, and for the DX4700/DX4800 to do video searches in conjunction with transaction information. Video can be searched by date/time, channel, items, and value. As well some Boolean logic can be applied to the search statements. Good for smaller applications.

2. API integration: This requires software integration work, typically done by the software vendor, see Use-Case below.

Use-Case 1
Joe owns two convenience stores and would like to look at his cash register data along with the video to identify scamming, sweet-hearting and other common employee-theft practices. He has his dealer install one AVE interface per register (two per store) at an approximate cost of $750 each* , connect it to the DVR and can now see an overlay on the camera along with simple searches like “Cigarettes, under $5”. For a total cost of $3000, he has a tool that allows him to sort through transactions, looks at suspicious activity, all from his trusty computer at home.
Use-Case 2
Corporation XYZ owns and operates 1000 fast-food stores with four cash registers each. They have sophisticated, financial software that flags all suspicious transactions, but matching those up with video is proving too difficult. While the dealer is familiar with AVE, they quickly calculate that the cost is prohibitive ($750x4 per store x1000 stores = $3,000,000). Further, it still does not match the sophisticated financial software with the transaction; it just adds a separate interface. Instead, the dealer contacts the vendor that authored the “sophisticated, financial software” and asks if they have an interface to the DX4700/DX4800. Unfortunately, they don’t, but for a cost of $50,000 they will write the custom interface that allows the user to sit at their familiar software interface, find a suspicious transaction , double-click on it and a small pop-up window shows the video that goes with that transaction. (Behind the scenes, the financial software knew to connect to the correct HVR and ask for video from the right camera that covers cash register in question at 8:01:32am and play that in the video window.)
Use-Case 1 is great for smaller application, but any application that has upward of 5 or more locations is likely to be MUCH more cost-effective and future proof via an API integration as depicted in Use-Case 2.

* Contact American Video Equipment for pricing information. www.americanvideoequipment.com