Common causes of no video / no PTZ control from a PTZ Camera.


  • What are common causes of  video loss from a newly installed Spectra IV.
  • Test Video
  • Insufficient Powering (losing power).
  • Spectra dome fails to power up.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra IV Series
  • Esprit
  • Exsite
  • All PTZ Cameras


Troubleshoot - No video or PTZ control from a Pelco PTZ camera.


Here are a few common causes of no video or loss od data from a newly installed PTZ camera:

  1. Improper power supply selection: Insufficient power. The outdoor version of Spectra with heaters/blowers uses 70 VA (volt amps). 
    It is important to select a power supply that can handle the use of 70 VA. We recommend using a WCS1-4 (100 VA) 
    transformer. An under rated power supply will result in no video and can potentially cause damage to equipment.
  2. Distance of power supply to Spectra: Insufficient power. Improper wire gauge selection for distance of power supply to spectra 
    will result in no video. Example: An 18 AWG wire for outdoor rated spectra will provide a maximum distance of
    64 ft (19 m) from a 24 VAC power source. Please reference the installation material for a recommended distance
  3. Improper power connections: The Spectra series use a 3 position terminal block for connecting power wires. Use the
    two outer terminals for 24 VAC input power wire connection. Using the GND terminal and one outer terminal will result 
    in no video.
  4. Blown fuse:  Check the fuse in the back box to see if still good.
  5. Camera Failure:  Dome Drive or Esprit has failed to perform self configuration test and will not power up. Repair of product is recommended.
    Dome Drive Reboots it self due to other internal hardware failure.
  6. Cable connections: Video cabling or connector interrupts signal. Spectra requires reboot/power cycle to allow PTZ and Programming. Low Video Signal Level.  The Video out put levels can be adjusted in the camera programming menu of some dome drive models.  Check wire for shorts all wiring should be open and not have a tone.
  7. UTP:  Check the UTP devices being used to be in working conditions. If this is a new installation, make sure the UTP devicce is compatible for PTZ control also and not just video. Check the wire distance limitations based on the UTP module spec sheet. 
  8. Fiber modules: If fiber is being used, bench test the camera or swap the fiber module.