How do I find Network Cameras using the Pelco Device Utility 1.0


How do I find the IP110 camera or other IP camera using the Pelco Device Utility?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • IP110 camera
  • Pelco Device Utility  Version 1.0.18


Detect all IP cameras using Atlas Firmware on the same flat network with the Pelco Device Utility.


From the Windows Start Menu:

1. Select Programs.
2. Launch Pelco Device Utility. Message "Searching for devices" appears and can take several minutes to complete.
3. After all IP cameras have been discovered, select the desired camera to connect to its web interface.  For example, IP110.

Note: You may have to check each camera type to find the desired camera. 

Note: You may also have to press the Search button shown in picture below to refresch queary. Device Utility 1.0