How do I export video from Endura?


How do I export video from Endura?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura WS5000/WS5200 Workstation Hardware/Software
  • Endura VCD5000/VCD5200 Video Console Displays


Video Exports can be utilized for archival or investigation.


Exporting Video From the WS5000/WS5200 Software

Follow these steps to export a video clip from a search result obtained through a Quick or Enhanced Search -
  1. Position the mouse cursor at the desired Quick Search (colored) starting time, or over an enhanced search result.
  2. Click the Export button.
  3. Within the Export Dialog box, edit the export settings as needed to obtain the desired timeframe, including -
    • Start and stop dates and times
    • File format (select from the available choices)
    • Directory location (default is C:\Program Files\Pelco\Endura\WS5000\Export on the computer hard drive)
    • QuickExport to CD or DVD (available only if the correct CD/DVD burning software is already installed on the computer)
    • File name for the exported file
    • Position of text overlays (available when exporting QuickTime or AVI files)
    • Inclusion of a watermark (available when exporting QuickTime or AVI files)
    note: The default value for these settings can be changed within the Users tab of the WS5000/WS5200 Setup screen.
  4. Review the Export Statistics to be sure the video clip you have selected is not too large for the intended destination.
    note:  Duration and estimated file size are automatically updated when date/time range or export format is changed.
  5. Click the Start Export button to export the clip, or click Cancel to exit without exporting. The video clip is sent to the Export Manager and is exported in the background.
    note: To track the progress of the video, open the Export Manager.
Exporting Video From the VCD5200

There are three VCD GUI Areas where Export can be accessed:
• Quick Export menu
• Quick Search dialog box
• Enhanced Search dialog box.
  1. Select a video pane that is displaying video to be exported (exporting can start in live or playback mode).
  2. Press the blue function key for 3 seconds to select Quick Export
  3. Once the Quick Export Menu appears, again press the blue function key to select Export Video.
  4. Once the Export Clip Dialog box appears, select your destination (CD/DVD or USB device).
  5. Select the output format: Pelco Video File with Player (*.pef), Pelco Video File without Player (*.pef), or QuickTime MPEG-4 Files (*.3gp).
  6. To select the video time frame to be exported, perform one of the following actions:
    • Turn the jog (inner dial) to adjust the end time.
    note: The vertical blue bar represents the start time and is fixed. If you drag the gray bar to the left of the blue bar, the gray bar becomes your start time indicator, and the blue bar indicates the end time.

    • Select the desired start times, end times, and dates in the Start and End time/date fields.
  7. Select Begin Export. The video export begins if the selected destination from Step 4 is valid (CD/DVD/USB is present, formatted properly, can hold the amount of data requested, and is functional)
    note: The information bar displays “Preparing to Export”, and then displays a progress bar indicating the status of the export. An Export Complete information bar will display when finished.