How to adjust video recording resolution on the DX8000/DX8100 Series digital video recorder.


How to adjust video resolution on the DX8000 Series digital video recorder.

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Pelco Video Management


DX8000 Series DVR


Increase/decrease video resolution to adjust the video quality and recording retention.


To set recording resolution and frame rates for each channel: 
  1. On the DX8000 toolbar, click . The Setup dialog box opens to the Camera page.
  2. In the Setup dialog box, click . The Schedule page is displayed.
  3. In the Frame Rate Configuration dialog box, click Advanced. The advanced frame rate configuration controls are displayed.
  4. Select the radio button of the recording mode you want to configure. Options are as follow:

  • Normal
  • Motion
  • Alarm 

  5. Select resolution values for individual channels from the drop-down boxes. The following table describes the available resolution values.
Setting a resolution values for one recording mode sets the resolution value for all modes. For example, setting resolution to 640 x 480 in Motion recording mode will change the resolution to 640 x 480 in Normal and Alarm recording modes as well.

Video Format NTSC PAL
CIF 320 x 240 352 x 288
2CIF 640 x 240 704 x 288
4CIF 640 x 480 704 x 576
2CIF 720 x 240 720 x 288
4CIF 720 x 480 720 x 576

  6. Using the Maximum Frame Rate Settings sliders, set the maximum frame rate for each resolution.  
Setting the maximum frame rate for a resolution will impose a limit on how high frame rates can be set on individual channels using that resolution. In certain cases, setting a lower maximum frame rate for a particular resolution may free up resources to be used by channels set at another resolution. In any case, frame rates cannot be set for any channel or resolution beyond the availability calculated by the DX8000. 
  7. To set a global frame rate for all channels of a particular resolution type, move the slider under Global Frame Rate Settings. Select a frame rate from 1 to 30 ips according to the available capacity for that resolution.
  8. To set the frame rate for individual channels, use the sliders in the top portion of the screen. Select a frame rate from 1 to 30 ips according to the available capacity for that channel.

  9. Click Default to set the Maximum Frame Rate Settings values back to their factory defaults.
10. Click OK.
11. Click Apply when you return to the Schedule Setup screen.