Multi-screen view on the CM6700/6800 Series Matrix.


How do I configure the CM6700/6800 Series Matrix to display in multi-screen view?

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Pelco Matrix


CM6700 Series Matrix
CM6800 Series Matrix


View multiple cameras on one screen.


The CM6700/CM6800 Series Matrix Switchers do not support a multi-screen view as a stand alone system. This will require the installation of a GENEX Multiplexer as a secondary system to be interfaced with CM6700/CM6800 Series Matrix Switcher. Once all programming and physical connections are made, the multi-screen buttons on the KBD300A, KBD200A and KBD960 will function accordingly. Both the Simplex and Duplex Series multiplexers are compatible with the CM6700/CM6800 Series Matrix.

  • View LL#11516 for operation of KBD300A to Genex with Matrix.